Introducing graphic designer Annie Hackett! (AND also we’re hiring)

A friend recently said that finding someone good to work with is harder than finding your life partner. I might say both are miracles. I am so glad to know Annie and even more glad to work with her.

She’s a local girl who’s been home now for just under a year after graduating from San Francisco State in graphic design and working in San Francisco for 9 years. She has some corporate experience but is most at home at smaller, mission driven design studios. The match couldn’t be more perfect. As professionals, our skillsets compliment each other’s. She is stronger where i am weak; I am stronger where she is weak. We both LOVE, live, and breathe design.

She is a beautiful spirit, has an impeccable work ethic, and I am so happy to work with her.

Interestingly, she announced she’s moving to New York in May. Though we are both completely OPEN to seeing what life brings, I have confidence we will continue to work together in some capacity.

With this in mind, please welcome Annie Hackett and also know that I am also hiring for an entry level assistant designer position! Please send any eager, talented, recent grads or soon to grad graphic designers my way….and invite them check out our work at



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