I wanted to share some of Graphic Designer Annie’s fun yet understated personality with you. I drummed up some questions, and here’s her answers:

A city you love:
My hometown, Honolulu. Big cities are great but the homesickness for HNL is real, and it tastes like Leonards malasadas after a long day of surfing.

A favorite designer of all time:
Tie between the two Jessica’s, Hische and Walsh

A favorite project you’ve worked on, and why?
Global Philanthropy Forum Conference design. I was humbled to work on this project of the World Affairs Council which addresses philanthropy’s role in finding solutions to the most pressing global problems.

In an alternate life you would be a:
one of those cats that lives in a bookstore

If money were no object you would:
Start an animal rescue sanctuary

A tip you have for an emerging graphic designer:
Be humble. Be flexible. But then have personal side-projects where you have complete freedom.

In retrospect, you regret…:
Abandoning an e-commerce business I started as a teen in y2k

You will never regret…:
Quitting my corporate job

Favorite way to relax:
Binge watching The Great British Baking Show

A memory which makes you feel warm and fuzzy:
Roasting marshmallows over a bonfire with best friends.

When you are stuck, you get inspired by…:
Better designers on the internet

How you recover from creative burn out:
Spending time off-line, off-grid, unplugged

What magazine would you love to be on the cover of:
The Gentlewoman


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